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A conversation with Troy Hadeed in Trinidad. Covering how he came to yoga and what yoga means for him. A bigger conversation on how he came to be able to mention the name God in yoga classes which was a big one for me on my own journey to also get my head around. Thinking about God in a different way and how that works for me. Also a look forward to his book, Popcorn in my pocket.

Troy was born in Trinidad & Tobago and has lived there for the majority of his life with the exceptions of attending the University Of Tampa, and his regular stints of travel and exploration. During his senior year at  university he participated in a study abroad program called Semester At Sea taking him to fifteen different countries and exposing him to a wealth of cultures and experiences.

After graduating from university Troy traversed Costa Rica coast to coast on foot, has spent prolonged periods in silence, and has immersed himself in the study and practice of Yoga. After graduating Troy returned to Trinidad to open Trinidad’s first Hemp store (not Head shop) which he ran for eight years, before starting a biofuel business, and then finally nurturing a beautiful yoga studio and community known as One Yoga Trinidad—recently rebranding as BeyondYogaTv.

Troy currently lives on the forested North Coast of Trinidad among the majestic hills of Paramin, continues to share the practice of yoga, and spends his mornings writing on the wings of hummingbirds and coffee.

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