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Born and raised in Antigua and Barbuda, Ron Howell, aka GuavaDeArtist is a self-taught artist who has been drawing from the age of two. After studying TV, video production, (major) and graphic design (minor) in Canada he moved back to Antigua in 2005 with hopes of applying his skills gained in college to his country of birth.

After a couple of attempts to integrate himself into the TV Video Production field in his home country, Ron, GuavaDeArtist settled for a job with his minor and graphic designer at Sun printing and publishing, and newspaper and publishing house (which no longer exists).

There he took on two jobs, Junior graphic designer and editorial cartoonist, wanting to explore his potential as an artist, Ron, aka GuaveDeArtist requested to work freelance doing solely the editorial cartoons. He was then given the opportunity to travel more, which helped him to develop his skills teaching himself more art techniques which gave life to his art style.

Though some may label his work as pop street urban contemporary or graffiti Ron, aka GuavaDeArtist has coined his style. Guavarised.

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